Great newsletter Rod..  

no wonder the Chapter won best web site..  this is the standard for all newsletters..  great photos also..  it sure tells the entire story of the Chapters activates and events..   Airborne!


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Hi Rod,
Beautiful! Great job! Would have liked to take the concealed weapons class, but my schedule is already booked that evening.
Hope I can take the next one!
Thank you for your dedication to the all who serve and especially the Viet Nam veterans.
Looking forward to the Memorial Day speaker. 
An honor to know you,

I have just finished reading your very readable news letter and commend you  for your continuing service.  Thank you for such a warm welcome for us DAR representatives to your February 15 meeting.    We are inspired by  all you and the others do in honor of our veterans.  

With warm regards,
Elizabeth Strong
Captain James Ormond DAR Community Service Award Chairman

GREAT NEWSLETTER!!!!    National Award material.   Your Chapter sets the example of serving our veterans and the community
Ben Humphries

11:30 AM (1 hour ago)

to president
Rod, your newsletter is always something I enjoy reading.. great job.. someone should put it in for the newsletter of the year award thru National .I hope all is well with you.
with all the VETERANS living in Flagler County it is a shame no one has started a VVA  Chapter here like in Palm Coast..