​Representative Diana Schaack

Florida AVVA "John T. Koprowski Member of the Year Award" 2016
presented by Florida AVVA President Joyce Koprowski to 

Representative  Diana Schaack (L) AVVA Chapter 1048 

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Vietnam Veterans Daytona Beach Chapter 1048 Receives High Honors

By:  Rod Phillips, President VVA1048, 2VP VVAFSC and  E-Recon Editor

Each year the Vietnam Veterans Florida State Council recognizes the hard work their members accomplish during the year, advocating for our fellow veterans.  VVAFSC currently has 32 Chapters with over 4,400 VVA members and more than 466 AVVA members in Florida.   President Rod Phillips is pleased to announce that VVA Chapter 1048 AVVA Representative Diana Schaack received the Florida AVVA “John T. Koprowski Member of the Year” Award 2016.

Robert Adkins received a certificate of Appreciation for his nomination for 2016 VVAFSC “Member of the Year” and VVA Chapter 1048 received a certificate of Appreciation for its nomination for 2016 “Chapter of the Year” at the February 25th, 2017 VVAFSC quarterly meeting in Orlando.   President Phillips was honored to nominate Diana, Robert, and Chapter 1048 for these categories. 

For the second time, the first in 2013, VVA Chapter 1048 was also the recipient of the VVAFSC “Michael Weber” 2016 Membership Award.  Phillips stated our past President and best friend, JJ Martin, who suddenly passed away late last year would be very proud of our team.   Many members of VVA Chapter 1048 helped make this happen, the hard work paid off, our membership steadily increases each month.

Jeannie Chubb

L-R  Robert Adkins, Terry Schaack, Diana Schaack, Rod Phillips and Mike Bousher